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Dj Pdogg #Inthemix Radio is a collection of several shows. #Inthemix Radio Dj Pdogg will play new music and share stories and rants that you will find very entertaining. Dj Pdogg will showcase past and present dj mixes as well as inviting other Dj's to share their mixes. #Inthemix Roundtable Dj Pdogg will have guests who will come on to be interviewd. Guests wil range from music moguls and other entertaining guests. These show's are hosted by Dj Pdogg who has spent the last 15 years rocking stages around the world. He specializes in Hip hop, EDM and Top 40 and has made a ton of friends along the way. Welcome to Dj Pdogg #Inthemix Follow Dj Pdogg on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @Djpdogg www.djpdogg.com

This is the official Winter Conference 2019 Mix by Dj Pdogg.

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